Take the stress out of organising your kids party. Fun filled activities and games, entertainment and tasty treats!
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Get your skates on at Roller Jam, roller disco and leisure. We rock, you roll so come on down for a skate!
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Indoor and outdoor soccer. Seven special Astroturf pitches, bookable by the hour and floodlit at night!
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Supernova  wish for every child to enter our doors with the expectations of excitement, adventure and most importantly, fun. Along with being Cork’s most popular birthday destination, we offer an exciting array of activities for both young and old including all weather pitches and so much more!

Christmas Opening Hours:

Saturday 25/11: 10am-6pm

Sunday 26/11: 2.30pm-6pm

Monday 27/11: CLOSED

Tuesday 28/11: CLOSED

Wednesday 29/11: CLOSED

Thursday 30/11: 10am-6pm

Friday 1/12: 10am-6pm

Saturday 2/12: 10am -6pm

Sunday 3/12: CLOSED

Monday 4/12: CLOSED

Tuesday 5/12: CLOSED

Wednesday 6/12: CLOSED

Thursday 7/12: 10am -6pm

Friday 8/12: 10am-5.30pm

Saturday 9/12: 10am -6pm

Sunday 10/12: CLOSED

Monday 11/12: CLOSED

Tuesday 12/12: CLOSED

Wednesday 13/12: CLOSED

Thursday 14/12: 10am -6pm

Friday 15/12: 10am -6pm

Saturday 16/12: 10am -6pm

Sunday 17/12: 10am -6pm

Monday 18/12: CLOSED

Tuesday 19/12: CLOSED

Wednesday 20/12: CLOSED

Thursday 21/12: 10am -6pm

Friday 22/12: 10am -6pm

Saturday 23/12: 10am -6pm

Sunday 24/12: CLOSED

Monday 25/12: CLOSED

Tuesday 26/12: CLOSED

Wednesday 27/12: 10am -6pm

Thursday 28/12: 10am -6pm

Friday 29/12: 10am -6pm

Saturday 30/12: 10am -6pm

Sunday 31/12: CLOSED

Monday 1/1: CLOSED

Tuesday 2/1: 10am -6pm

Wednesday 3/1: 10am -6pm

Thursday 4/1: 10am -6pm

Friday 5/1: 10am -6pm

Saturday 6/1: 10am -6pm

Sunday 7/1: 10am -6pm

Entry Price:

Thursday – Friday €6 per child (age 1 year +) 

Saturday – Sunday €7 per child (age 1 year +)

Adults and Children under 1 year FREE

Contact (021) 4826905 for more information.